The original Edo-soba noodle is very tasty!!

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What's Edo-soba noodle?
It is made by Japanese oldest recipe around in the 1680s! 
Tamaki and I have had it at Edo-soba noodle shop "Suzume-no-oyado" in Mukojima.

Generally, Japanese soba noodle is with soy sauce taste soup. 
But, Edo-soba noodle is with miso taste soup, the soup made from Edo-miso, juice of grated Japanese radish and the stock of dried bonitos are put in. 

Tamaki and I have been surprised because of very tasty! We have got loved it! 
Served spices are soba-seed, Japanese asatsuki onion, grated Japanese radish and ichimi-red pepper powder. Especially soba-seed crunched, it is so nice.
Moreover this beautiful shop has nice atmosphere, we had very good time!

In the fact, before eating it I wondered Edo-soba noodle is only unique food and not so delicious. Even if so, I wanted to try it, because I am Kabuki lover. I sometimes watched Edo-soba stand at Kabuki play. Maybe you watch it on a Samurai movie.
At now, I feel closer to the Edo period than before, thank tasty Edo-soba noodle!
Anyway around this shop is Japanese style restaurant Ryotei area in Mukojima.
If you are lucky, you see beautiful Geisha around here.





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