Popular Kabuki play & explanation by Kabuki actor, but reasonable!

We recommend you this reasonable event at the National Theatre in June & July almost every year. Only 1 act of Kabuki is performed, and before it Kabuki actor will illustrate how to enjoy Kabuki. You can listen to the information in English through theatre's pocket size radio "earphone guide" (extra) while you are watching Kabuki.
Especially recommended is the Kabuki play "Kenuki" (The tweezers) in July 2012. This is one of acts from "Narukami Fudo Kitayama-zakura", first performed in 1742, which is one of the very popular Kabuki play. Bisexual hero solves the princess's mysterious illness of her hair standing on end!
Many Kabuki plays are from true stories, which were famous affairs, murder cases, historical events, Japanese myths, and fables and mixture of some of these things.
Many traditional Kabuki plays express people's lifestyle and way of thinking particular to the Edo period in Japan.
Kabuki has many charm and deep attractiveness. I have been Kabuki lover for over 10 years, why don't you try and enjoy Kabuki?

(Sae Madumarala)

Location: 4-1Hayato-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (5min walk from subway Hanzomon Sta. Exit 1) http://www.ntj.jac.go.jp/ Phone: 03-3265-7411
Ticket Price:¥1300(students only), The first class seat¥3800, Second class seat¥1500 Brochure: free, Earphone guide: extra and need deposit
Ticket Box Office: 0570-07-9900(10:00-17:00) or http://ticket.ntj.jac.go.jp/

For the first time in 932 years, an annular solar eclipse, often called a ring of fire eclipse, was visible from large parts of Japan,today.



新鮮!初めての坐禅体験 in 表参道、しかも夜!

01.jpg Zazen for inexperienced person which costs only ¥100


Chokoku-ji Temple offers Zazen-kai (meeting for zazen practice) from 19:00 to about 21:00 every Monday. We, Tamaki and I were inexperienced at Zazen however we were interested in it, so we tried it at last! We really had a very good time. 


he schedule of Zazen-kai:

1) No need to make an appointment, but need to be at the reception desk inside the main building by 18:45.

2) At the entrance of the building, you must take off shoes, socks, and hat or cap. (So you may feel cold in winter.) And while staying, you need to keep quiet.

3) After reception, you can use a safe deposit box in the room which has a big table and many chairs.

4) In that room, you wait for the monk who will be your instructor for the day. We recommend you read the leaflet "SOTO ZEN, The Practice of Zazen" in English. It is located at the side shelf inside the entrance of the building.

5) Staff member of the Temple explains the day schedule and some rules, and introduces the monk to you. If you are wearing hooded clothing, or outer wear such as coats you must take it off. Staff member recommends you wear dark color clothing without hoods.

6) Take your things to the Tatami room. There are two rooms, one for men only and the other women only. Don't leave your valuable things here. You may change into clothing you brought during this time.

7) Move to another bigger Tatami room without your things, only take the leaflet, "The practice of Zazen".

8) The Monk instructs kindly and specifically for about 40min. He only speaks Japanese but don't worry.

9) Move to the special room for Zazen "Zendo", and you can start Zazen at last! Have fun thoroughly! Especially enjoy the Japanese traditional music performance when Zazen finishes! I've got to love it very much!

 (Sae Madumarala) 

Location: 2-21-34 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo (15min walk from Omote-sando Sta.Exit B1)

Phone: 03-3400-5232

Zazen-kai: Mondays only 19:00-21:00Deadline of accepting:18:45



If you have insurance which does not include bicycle insurance, we recommend you insure against bicycle accidents in Japan! Three very convenient bicycle insurances companies are as follows! 

あなたは自転車保険に入っていますか? あなたの加入している保険は、自転車事故の賠償金がカバーされたものですか? この2つの質問に両方とも「ノー」の人、必読! 手軽に加入できる自転車保険を紹介します!

  7-ELEVEN "Insurance for bicycle" http://jitensya.ehokenstore.com line_gif 


You can take out this insurance by using the touch panel of the multiple copy machine at the convenience store, 7-ELEVEN.There are 4 kinds depending on the range of compensation. You pay the premium once a year. 








  au-Sonpo "My smart Insurance" http://www.au-sonpo.co.jp/pc/line_gif 

au 損保「Myスマート保険」

If you have a cellular phone contracted with au, you can insure your bicycle through your cellular phone, and you can pay the premium together with the charge of your au phone. But if you are not user of au's cellular phone, you can insure through pc and you can pay by credit card. There are several kinds of bicycle insurance plans.






Insurance for Yahoo!'s premium members only



You can make the best plan for yourself by selecting the contents yourself. And you can make a trial calculation of the premium for the contents you selected on the website, and also take out insurance.




※これらの保険は内容が変更になる場合もあるので、事前に確認してく ださい。
Changes may be made to these insurances, so please check contents and their premium before taking out the insurance.