Enjoy Kabuki play conveniently! 気軽に楽しめる歌舞伎鑑賞教室

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Popular Kabuki play & explanation by Kabuki actor, but reasonable!

We recommend you this reasonable event at the National Theatre in June & July almost every year. Only 1 act of Kabuki is performed, and before it Kabuki actor will illustrate how to enjoy Kabuki. You can listen to the information in English through theatre's pocket size radio "earphone guide" (extra) while you are watching Kabuki.
Especially recommended is the Kabuki play "Kenuki" (The tweezers) in July 2012. This is one of acts from "Narukami Fudo Kitayama-zakura", first performed in 1742, which is one of the very popular Kabuki play. Bisexual hero solves the princess's mysterious illness of her hair standing on end!
Many Kabuki plays are from true stories, which were famous affairs, murder cases, historical events, Japanese myths, and fables and mixture of some of these things.
Many traditional Kabuki plays express people's lifestyle and way of thinking particular to the Edo period in Japan.
Kabuki has many charm and deep attractiveness. I have been Kabuki lover for over 10 years, why don't you try and enjoy Kabuki?

(Sae Madumarala)

Location: 4-1Hayato-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (5min walk from subway Hanzomon Sta. Exit 1) http://www.ntj.jac.go.jp/ Phone: 03-3265-7411
Ticket Price:¥1300(students only), The first class seat¥3800, Second class seat¥1500 Brochure: free, Earphone guide: extra and need deposit
Ticket Box Office: 0570-07-9900(10:00-17:00) or http://ticket.ntj.jac.go.jp/



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