Q&Atytle.jpgQ&A-1: I 'm interested in renting a bike for one month.


Q: Hello, I'm interested in renting a bike for one month. I'm staying in Tokyo and may live in a suburb. I'd use the bike to commute to railway and subway stations, as well as in the evenings after trains do not operate (I'm a musician and am out late sometimes). How much would it cost to rent a bike for one month (about 30 days)?

If you don't rent bikes long term, can you please suggest a company that does?

Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon.

Ross (country=US)

A: Hello Ross,

We are sorry that we don't rent bike service. We recommend you to rent a bike from the rent a bike shop/a public rent a bike service near station/area which you stay. About cost, it is different each shop and each public rent a bike service, because of the bike type and others.

Check another our website, which is the rent a bike shop guide in Tokyo.


Maybe as you know you can't take on railroad, subway and bus with a bike in Tokyo now. If you take on, you need rent a sport type bike and decompose and wrapping by bike cover.(Sae)


1カ月の自転車レンタル料金は? もしあなた方がレンタルしていないなら、レンタル会社を教えてください。』

A: 残念ながら私たちはレンタルしていません。都内でよく行くエリアのレンタルショップや、公共レンタルサービスで借りることをおすすめします。値段は自転車の種類やレンタル先によっていろいろなので、私たちのもう一つのウェブ「rentabike.jp」で探してみてくださいね。


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Q&A-2: I would like to purchase Tonkatsu food samples from Singapore.


Q: I would like to find out if the Food Sample shop in this website does Tonkatsu Samples? If there do, What are the procedure do I need to follow to purchase them from Singapore? よろしくお願いします。ケルビン

Kervin (country=SG)

A: Hello Kervin!,

Thank you for your e-mail! We'd like to help you about Tonkatsu samples, we need more information as follow:

1) What size of Tonkatsu samples do you want?

2) How many of Tonkatsu samples do you want?

3) Until when do you want Tonkatsu samples?

After we have got information from you, we will try to find food sample shops in Asakusa for you. Can you contact the shop directly? 

If you are sure, we are happy. (Sae)


A: ケルビン、メールありがとう。あなたを手伝うには次の情報が必要です。



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Q&A-3: The rent a bike shop which closest Tsukiji Market area?


Q: hi i am currently in tokyo and staying in Tsukiji market area and me looking for renting a bicycle for a month or so can u plz give me the closest shop where i can rent cycle and total cost?

Atul (country=IN)

A: Hello Atul!

Thank you for your e-mail.

Anyway about the rent a bike shop which closest to you, please find out at another our web site,


If not so easy to find out it, mail me again please.Good luck! (Sae) 

Q: 『私は東京在住で、築地魚市場に最も近いレンタサイクルショップを探していて、1カ月レンタルしたいので、ショップと料金を教えていただけませんか?』

A: 私たちのもう一つのウェブ「rentabike.jp」で探してください。もし簡単に見つからなかった時は、またメールしてください。幸運を祈る!


It has been open since 1903. 
There are various areas with ponds, fountains and nice restaurants (the prices are reasonable) etc. If you are lucky, you may catch a lively festival!

・Location:1-6 Hibiya-Kouen, Chuo-ku,Tokyo 
(near Hibiya & Ginza & Yuraku-cho station)

Feel the Edo period with the smell of Tokyo Bay (Tokyo-wan) by the sea! 
We recommend going to the teahouse in the center pond to taste Japanese powdered tea (Maccha) and Japanese traditional sweets. The price is \500 including a great view & breeze. Especially at the terrace, it is a relaxing place where time flys!!
Shogun spent time here with his guests or in private here, enjoying wild duck hunt's and a great view of Mt.Fuji, etc. (Sorry we don't see Mt.Fuji now because of modern Tokyo buildings.) 
The special historical explanation is by "Ubiquitous communicate" a handy guide machine with many languages. It is very useful. Or free guide tour in English is from 11:00 every Sat. & Sun.

・Location: 1-1 Hama rikyu teien, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (near Shiodome station)
・Open: 9:00-17:00(entrance until 16:00)/closed from 29 Dec. until New Year's 
Day & temporary 
・Entrance fee: adult \300



An antique dealer, Mr. Kiku-u Sahara established this garden for enjoying flowers in bloom in the four seasons with the help of other aficionados of the arts in 1805.
"Hyakkaen" means garden with hundred flowers in bloom. 

Although this is a Japanese historic garden, you may feel it is not so typical Japanese garden. I mean the collection of the flowers and plants here makes me feel some mixed cultures. According to the leaflet about this garden, many different blooming flowers and plants were collected which were mentioned in classic Chinese and Japanese works of literature and poetry.
And also I think the professional gardeners' technique is high and their passion is strong. 

When I visited here at midday in the early summer, I saw many people taking pictures, making Japanese poetry "Haiku", talking with friends at the shop, and taking a walk. Here is a wonderful and a very beautiful garden! 
You must come and enjoy a long visit!

・Phone: 03-3611-8705
・Location: 3-18-3 Higashi-mukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo (8 min. walk from Higashi-Mukojima Sta.)
・Open: 9:00-17:00(Entry until 16:30)/closed on Dec.29-Jan.3
・Admission fee: adult¥150, 65yrs.old & over¥70, free for children of primary school & under, and junior high school students living in Tokyo or attending school in Tokyo 

This beautiful Daimyo's garden was made around 1691. The pond was laid from Sumida River, of which the changing of seawater level by the ebb and flow was enjoyed. Now it reproduces by pump. You have calm time here although it's very close Ryogou Station.
And if you visit Ryogoku in the early summer, enjoy the Edo-period taste festival "Noryo-no-yube" which opens on Sat. & Sun. evening. Japanese traditional music performances on stage and the green tea ceremony are implemented on the pond, and food stools open in the garden.

・Location: 1-12-1Yokoami, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
 (5min.walk from Toei Oedo-line Ryogoku Sta. Exit A1)
・Open:9:00-16:00/Closed Dec.29-Jan.1
 In detail of "Noryo-no-yube" to Sumida-ku Kanko Kyokai:03-5608-6951
・Admission fee: free

毎年8月上旬開催の「納涼の夕べ」は江戸文化に興じる優雅なイベントで、池の上の舞台で琴・尺八が演奏され、茶席の野点も池の上! その他、いろいろな屋台が楽しめる。