SHINJUKU-GYOEN/National garden 新宿御苑/環境省国民公園

This garden is various and large. There are a Japanese traditional garden, an English landscape garden, a French formal garden with a rose garden, a greenhouse, 5 ponds, a forest area and more!
This garden's history starts in the Edo period, this garden was a part of premises of retainer of Ieyasu Tokunaga shogun. After that, this garden had become for the imperial family since 1906. And in 1949 it has open to the public. I have loved Shinjuku-gyoen, because I visited sometimes here with my friend, but I can find a new charm in each time. In this time, I have visited with Tamaki, I wonder there are more benches than other garden in Tokyo!
Tamaki and I took a walk Shinjuku-gyoen over 1 hour on the day in autumn, we were very enjoyed Shinjuku-gyoen. Also watching people is enjoying various things.
We have recommended have a picnic here!! But do not carry a chair, a table, a tent, and never use fire. Also not enter with pet animals.
Anyway if you don't have a time to cook, no problem! There are two coffee shops, which you can take a way close to Shinjuku-mon Gate.
Location:11Naito-cho,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo(5min.walk from Shinjuku-gyoen-mae Sta.& Shinjuku 3-chome
Sta.,10min.walk from JR-Shinjuku Sta. South exit to Shinjuku-mon Gate)
Open:9:00-16:00(Close:16:30)/Greenhouse inside open:9:30-15:30(Close:16:00)
/Closed on Mon. & Dec.29-Jan.3 (But special open:Mar.25-Apr.24,Nov.1-15)
Entrance fee: Adult ¥200, Schoolchildren & Junior high school students ¥50
Ticket valid for 1year: Adult¥2000, High school students¥1000, Schoolchildren & Junior high school students¥500



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