Q&A-4・5/"Do you have 2 renting bikes available for starting in 1 hour?" etc.

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Q&A-4: Do you have 2 renting bikes available for the day starting  in one hour?


Q: Hello, my wife and I are interested in renting 2 bikes for the day starting in one hour. We're currently near Tokyo Station and can do anything around Ginza or Shinjuku. Do you have anything available for today?



A: Hello Noah,

We have apologized to you for that we cannot send reply to your e-mail soon. We can read e-mail from the reader after evening. Also we have been very sorry that we don't to rent a bike. If another our web site of the rent a bike guide in Tokyo helps you, we are happy!


Well, we have recommended reservation before some days and more in next time. Anyway have a nice day in Tokyo tomorrow!


Q: 『妻と私は、1時間後レンタル開始の貸し自転車2台に興味を持ちました。今、東京駅近くにいて、銀座や新宿界隈に行きたいのですが、そちらにレンタル可能な自転車はありますか?』

A: すぐに返信できなくてごめんなさい。夕方以降にメールを読むので。そして残念ながら、私たちはレンタルしていません。私たちのもう1つのサイト、東京レンタサイクルガイドが役に立てばうれしいです。次回からは、数日前に予約することをオススメします!

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Q&A-5: Where can I get rent a bicycle with lateral  small wheels on each side of the back wheel?


Dear assistant,

Me and my wife will be in Tokyo 9days and we would like to go on some bicycle tours. We will be staying in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, 103-0012 zone. For me I just need a normal bicycle, but for my wife I would like to know:

1. Where I can get a bicycle, but with those small lateral wheels on each side of the back wheel because she can not ride so she needs some bicycle that does not get her out of balance.

2. How far in advance do you advice us to book at least 2 days for 2 different Tokyo cycle tours?

Please advice

Thank you and best regards

Luis (country=CH)

A: Hello Luis,

1) We are very sorry that we have not known where you can get the bicycle for your wife yet. Because the rent a bike shops in Tokyo usually has a normal bicycle only. Anyway the small lateral wheel what you say, which is "Hojo-rin" in Japanese. Hojo-rin is usually used for children in Japan. 

Well, very kind shop staff member maybe fit Hojo-rin for your wife. Ask the shop about it directly please. You can check up about the rent a bike shops by another our website.


2) Also we are sorry that we don't know Hojo-rin bike joins the cycle tours is OK or not. Will you find the tour for you only? It means you and your wife go on a cycling tour with the guide. We think it is maybe the best for your wife. 

Anyway if you think the cycling tour in Tokyo is tough for your wife, and finding the very kind shop is tough for you too, we have recommended the guided bus tours in English. Hato bus tour has various courses.




1) 妻はバランスをとれないので補助輪付きの自転車が必要ですが、どこで借りることができますか?

2) 2日で2つの自転車ツアーに予約すると、どのくらいの距離になるかアドバイスしてください。

A: 1) とても残念ですけど、補助輪つきの自転車をどこで借りられるか、今のところわかりません。東京のレンタサイクルは補助輪なしが一般的です。日本では、ふつう補助輪て子どものためのものなんです。すごく親切なショップなら、スタッフが取り付けてくれるかもしれないので、直接聞いてみてください。ショップは私たちのもう一つのサイトで調べることができます。

  2) これもまた残念ながら、補助輪つき自転車でツアーに参加できるかどうかわかりません。二人だけで参加できるツアーを探す予定ですか? 補助輪つき自転車なら、たぶんその方がベストと思います。

もし、補助輪つき自転車を探すのも、ツアーに参加するのも大変ということでしたら、英語ガイドつきの「はとバス」ツアーをオススメします! 楽しそうなコースがいろいろありますよ


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