New Year KABUKI Performance at National Theater "Sanzenryo Haru No Komahiki"

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 January 3rd-27th 2014 at National Theater
 12:00-16:00(January17th &24th 16:00-20:00)

Enjoy New Year Kabuki performance is my annual event. I'm very happy to feel the atmosphere of "Japanese New Year" and the Edo period both.
This month's performance is named "Sanzenryo Haru No Komahiki", its original first performed in January 1794. One part of them "Uma-kiri" has performed many times after that, but the full-length is performed after 150 years with revised playbook making use of interesting ideas.

Don't worry about the language! Translation and explanation in English service available, the earphone receiver rent costs 650JPY only! (Refundable deposit is 1000JPY)  If you visit there, you are surprised many people use earphone receivers. They Japanese hear the explanations about dialogue, stories, actors, music and others.

Anyway do you think Kabuki ticket is expensive? About the National Theater, the admission is from 1500JPY to 12000JPY. (It is lower than Kabuki-Za Theater.)  I always buy the ticket of 1500JPY. In this time I bought 2500JPY's after a long time, I have been very enjoy because of closer from stage than usually! I bring hotdogs and a bottle of coffee what I made both in the morning, snacks and Japanese orange for long visiting.       (Sae)

☆Ticket center website:
☆Telephone reservation service: 0570-07-9900/03-3230-3000(10:00-18:00)
☆Box office: 10:00-18:00

Location: 4-1Hayabusa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (5min walk from Tokyo Metro-Hanzomon-Line Hanzomon Sta. Exit1)

■ 通し狂言『三千両初春駒曵』(さんぜんりょうはるのこまひき)
 家光の甥・松平長七郎をモデルにした小田三七郎信孝の「馬切り」の場は、明治以降たびたび上演されるようになったそうですが、私はたぶん初めて。粋な菊五郎にピッタリの、なんとも楽しくワクワクの4幕目でした。通しとしては150 年ぶりの復活上演で、今観ておもしろいように大幅にアレンジしたということです。 監修尾上菊五郎。





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