I'm dying to see Nanboku's Kabuki at the Kabukiza Theatre!!

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Before I become Kabuki lover, I thought Kabuki was difficult and bore for me. I couldn't imagine that I was sitting at the seat of the Kabuki theatre. Also I couldn't understand why the audiences enjoyed Kabuki. 
But now I have been crazy about Kabuki world especially Nanboku's Kabuki, he is a very famous Kabuki playwright in the Edo period.

He is my best Kabuki playwright, I've loved his plays of the main characters are the lower classes in the Edo period. Because they sometims live the darker side of human life, they have vitality and wonderfully charms. The unique stories maybe make you surprised, moreover the scenes are used every device.
While one full Nanboku Kabuki, I am absorbed in watching. I am moved, surprised, laugh and chuckle. However Nanboku's world has many factors, it is very enjoyable directly.

Anyway, my old friend Coco who lives in Las Vegas has visited in her home town in Chiba from 5th day in Feb. She went to see Kabuki for the first time the other day, she is very lucky to watch Nanboku's. She enjoyed Kabuki titled "Kokoro-no-Nazo Toketa Iro-ito" very much, however watched from halfway. She bought MAKUMI-ticket the price was 2000Jpy only. MAKUMI means single play. (In the detail see the following)
Coco told me she couldn't catch words a while, and she confused character's names, but no problem! I've not been surprised to hear that, because of Nanboku, this is Nanboku!                                                   (SAE)

★"Kokoro-no-Nazo Toketa Iro-ito" Feb.1-25/11:00-15:07

★"Earphone-Guide" service available
It provides translation of dialogue, lyrics, the explanations relating to the stories, and more!
Full program:700Jpy/Single play:500Jpy
Refundable deposit:1000Jpy

★Ticket: 4000Jpy-20000Jpy 
Reservation: http://www1.ticket-web-shochiku.com/en/

★MAKUMI is to see just one play at the Kabukiza Theatre.
If you want to continue to see, you buy next one's ticket at the theatre. No reservation.
MAKUMI fee and the hour on sale  
11:00-12:03/1000jpy (about10:30)
12:38-13:29/1000Jpy (about11:15)
13:49-14:20 & 14:35-15:07/2000Jpy (about12:50)

★The Kabukiza Theatre
Location:4-12-15Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


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