Q&A-10: I want to rent a bike 4 days in Asakusa Tokyo.

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Q: Hello, I want to rent a bike for 4 days. In Asakusa Tokyo. Bike or electric. Where is the nearest location of your shop and what are the prices. Thank you
William (country=GB)

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A: Hello William,
Thank you very much for your e-mail!

There are many rent a bike shops in Tokyo, but they rare have rental service over full 1 day.
We have recommended the rent a bike shop in Asakusa, it is "Bike City Tripper & Cafe".
The price of full 4 days is 12400JPY including rental helmet. 
In detail in website of the shop. 

Anyway, have nice days in Tokyo!                                                                          (Sae)                                                                                                 
Well the nice bike maker in Asakusa whom we know is making arrangement for reasonable rental bike service for a sightseer. We are very happy to announce about it soon!  In detail in our website in near future!!!

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