Yukata De Guide Tour

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You can wear Yukata and join the Yukata De Guide Tour.In the Former Yasuda Garden,you can enjyoy a tea ceremony,a koto(Japanese harp) and shakuhachi(Japanese flute) concert,as well as a haiku gathering. The next pleasure is Night Cruise on Sumida River,viewing Rainbow Bridge and TOKYO SKYTREE. Back in Ryogoku,you will be able to take part in a Bon-odori dance and enjoy street fairs at the Kokugikan-dori Street.
※Interpretation in English available.


■ Aug.2(sat.) To be cancelled in case of heavy weather.
 ★16:00 Please be on time for wearing Yukata.

■ Meeting Place
Commune Cai,2nd floor City Core
(5-min walk from the West Exit of the JR Ryogoku station)

■ Program Fee
¥4,500 (Add ¥1,200 and take the Yukata home with you.)
includes the following; yukata & geta rental,tea ceremony,haiku gathering, box lunch,1.5-hour night cruise on Sumida river.
※¥3,000 for particpants wearing their own Yukata.

▼How to apply

Tel 03-5608-6951



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