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How do you rent a bike at "Pillar Café"? It is rent-free, and what is still better this restaurant is in Shibuya. I had some questions, and I've come here with Tamaki.

"Pillar Café" surprised us many times in fact! At first, it is in a quiet area of Shibuya. And "Pillar Café" is a very nice casual restaurant with comfortable sofas, where various dishes and drinks are reasonable!

p_pthoto02.jpg The rent-free bike of "Pillar Café" is ...... if you want to rent a bike for 5hrs, you order a dish and a drink that amounts to more than 2000JPY. This can only be found here! For more than 5hrs, the total needs to be over 3000JPY. Of course it refers to the total before and after renting a bike per person. Deposit is 2000JPY.
The types of rent-free bikes are Osso, Chill bikes, and Favor bikes.
Usage of shower with shampoo & body soap, and hair dryer are free of service! (Rent a bath towel & beach sandals: 800JPY)

No matter if you are alone, or are with your friend and family, you will have good time here! Because there is a nice counter on the first floor and very comfortable sofas on the stairwell the first basement. If you want to have a party after cycling, reservation of a private room is available.
And if the weather is fine, you can sit on seats at the front of "Pillar Café" like us. Now I am enjoying iced espresso coffee drink "Chocolate mint mocha" tastes very good and not too sweet. Tamaki enjoyed her 2nd drink.

Anyway, why is "Pillar Café" very nice and comfortable?
I've got the answer from the shop Manager Ikkei Eguchi. He really loves bicycles, and he'd love to link each customer by "Pillar Café" like the pillar of bicycle. Ikkei creates almost all of "Pillar Café" which includes the interior, various dishes & drinks, and the happy events here.

Well, at last I got to know what the rent-free bike at "Pillar Cafe" is like. And I've got to love "Pillar Cafe"! Why don't you rent a bike and have good time at "Pillar Café"? Friendly Ikkei is waiting for you!!  
(Ikkei is in the BBQ picture at the upper right. He has sliced meat!)



Location: 2-22-3 Higashi, East Plus Bldg.1F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
(12min walk from Shibuya Hikarie)
Phone: 03-6450-5406
Open: 12:00-24:00 (Sat.11:00-24:00, Sun. & National holiday 11:00-22:00) /For irregular holidays & reserved days, see Facebook or call the shop)

★Available for guests taller than 150cm, 160cm, or 170cm for each bikes
★Rental agreement
1. Need ID
2. Never ride a bicycle under the influence of alcohol
3. Fill in the application form
4. Sign a written pledge for renting
5. Take instructions for ride, and other precautions
6. Order food & drink at "Pillar Café" which will correspond to your free rent a bike hours.
★Reservation available: call the shop manager during store hours


→ 詳しくは『ピラーカフェ』公式サイトへ!

p_takehora.jpg ★Mr. Takehora runs a bike maintenance service at the bike shop "Go Go Wheelers" on Sat.
Need reservation for Pillar Cafe.



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