We, CYCLE2PROJECT has mentioned in the Spanish paper "EL PAIS"!!

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"EL PAIS" is the most famous newspaper in Spain as you know. 
We, CYCLE2PROJECT has mentioned in the boxed article which is a favorable review.

The journalist and photographer Daniel Garcia has taken a trip from Tokyo to Osaka by bike. His report about the long distance riding and the photo gallery have featured in "EL PAIS".
Also he's written the boxed article titled "The basic recommendation to take a trip by bike in Japan".

Now I try to make the summary of the boxed article through the automatic translation by my pc, because I don't speak/read Spanish language. Now shall I get started?

EL PAIS2.jpg

"The basic recommendation to take a trip by bike in Japan" 
1) The connection to stay
You'd better to get e-connect (about 23euro) before leave a country. It is the best for you find your way when   you lost your way. And need get SIM-card at the airport or internet.

2) Get the route ready well
To make the route of your trip, see the map and  the website. 
CYCLE2PROJECT is good one for you get information of bike world in Japan, and get the answer of your question.
Two nice website:Kancycling, Japancycling

3) The transport and maintenance 
The air transportation fare is maybe very expensive, you'd better to make sure of it to the airline before buy the ticket. You find the rent-a-bike is almost impossible if you want to ride for long distance about 500~600 km.
You buy the bike to ride, and after it you sale it in Japan.
The bike shop "GIANT Taiwan" is in major cities of Japan, which accepts bike maintenance.
And some shops are running to rent the bike as Imabari.

4)Try "Mamachari" in not so long distance riding
"Mamachari"model bike become popular in Japan. 
But "Mamachari" doesn't fit on you, and if you stay in Tokyo, you can rent Mr.Miura's own model bike at the shops in Asakusa area.

If you find my translating mistake, please tell me as soon as possible!
But if you don't read Spanish language like me, enjoy Danie's nice pictures at his photo gallery!
I've been very interested in his pictures.
I think his pictures caught a part of real Japan, but the atmosphere with the picture is different from the picture by Japanese photographer. I wonder why different?
I mean the air is a little drier than Japanese photographer's picture, I've got love the pictures don't have humid! 

Anyway as for the long distance trip by bike has been not easy in Japan yet. But we a bike lover has tried to change better this situation in Japan. You'd better go cycling not so long distance first! Come to Tokyo to confirm the charm of down town "Shita-machi", and the Edo period culture!                           By Sae


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