The Japanese Tea Ceremony for foreigners at Hama-rikyu Garden in Shiodome Tokyo

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Do you know the outside tea ceremony "Nodate" at a Japanese garden?

It'll open for foreigners with an explanation in English at Hama-rikyu garden in Shiodome Tokyo which is one of the most famous Daimyo garden in the Edo period.

This tea ceremony is a part of "Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2014" on 11th & 12th day in October.

Yes, there are colorful events.
You can watch various kinds tea ceremonies on the day. Also you can enjoy some kinds of Japanese classic public entertainment performance, and the craftsman'll show you how to make some Japanese traditional crafts.

Moreover it costs only 600JPY per adult person! The admission fee is 300JPY and the tea ceremony ticket' price is 300JPY. Tea ceremony for foreigners opens 13 times on each day of "Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2014".
Anyway each the tea ceremony has 30 seats, need buy your ticket as soon as possible at the Nodate Ticket Counter in the garden on the day. 

But  if you can not get your ticket, I've recommended going to this event. Because this garden Hama-rikyu is really a great beautiful Japanese garden! And you can enjoy Japanese classic entertainment too. I think you must go!                                                                                                                                      (By Sae)

☆About Hama-rikyu Garden, see my article of this website:

☆About the Nodate Ticket Counter in Hama-rikyu Garden, see the special map of "Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2014":

"Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2014"
★Garden open:    9:00-17:00 (Garden entry until 16:30)
★Event hours:      9:30-16:10
★Reception open:9:00-15:30

The tea ceremony for foreigners with an explanation in English
★Open at Nakano-hashi area in the garden
★30 seats per ceremony
★Tickets are on sale at the Nodate Ticket Counter
★Ticket fee:         300JPY
★Time schedule:  9:30〜9:55/10:00~10:25/10:30~10:55/11:00~11:25/11:30~11:55/ 

★Location:          1-1Hama-rikyu-teien, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
                       7min walk from Oedo line "Shiodome" Sta. or "Tsukiji-shijo" Sta.
                       12min walk from JR,Tokyo Metro, and Asakusa line "Shinbashi" Sta.
★Admission fee:  300JPY/65years old and over:150JPY
                            Elementary school students and under:free
                            Junior high school students in Tokyo, and live in Tokyo:free





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