We've met Asakusa Momotaro's "Yaki-Dango" today!!

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MOMOTARO/Japanese-style confectionery

Momotaro is a small shop with long history, established 1871. 
Shopkeeper is friendly, he makes Momotaro's confectionery at the inner part of the shop everyday. Tamaki and I have had a kind of dumpling "Yaki-Dango" here today. We've been very happy, because it's delicious, and different from others.

Dango is one of Japanese traditional snacks. Japanese people has loved dumplings on a stick "kushi-dango" since the Edo period. "Yaki-Dango" is grilled "kushi-dango". Anyway it usually made of rice and rice's powder in sauce which made of say-sauce with sugar. 
But Momotaro's is made of rice with soy-sause. Tamaki and I have never had such delicious and unique shape "Yaki-Dango like this! Moreover the price is only 120JPY!!!
I wonder Momotaro's "Yaki-Dango" goes well with Sake! And also I've recommended it for your light meal or snack when you are visiting in Asakusa.  At last we've bought more "Yaki-Dango" and sweetened bean paste "an" topping "An-Dango" for our each family. 

Momotaro's "An-Dango" tastes moderate sweeter than  other's shop's one. And "an" topping shape is different from others. 3 "an" plates are put on each one dango.
How beauty! I've never seen "kushi-dango" with "an" plates like this! Tamaki too. The price is 120JPY.

You should try Momotaro's Yaki-Dango!!! Also "An-Dango". Must go! 
...Oops!  This store closes if sold out. But don't worry about it, reservation available. And they're kind enough to accept reservation from only one confectionary!                                                                         (by Sae)

Twitter: @AsakusaMomotaro

★Location:2-13-10-1F, Flats Fujita bldg. Nishi-asakusa, Taito-ku,Tokyo (3min walk from Tsukuba Express Asakusa Sta.Exit-A1, On Kokusai St)
★Open:9:30-about 18:00 (Closed on Wed. but irregularly)




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