New year's event since the Edo period "Kagura-Hajime" at Kandamyoujin in Akihabara.

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"Kagura" is the sacred dances and music performed at shrines.
And "Kagura-Hajime" is new year's first Kagura.
At Kanda-myoujin Shinto shrine in Akihabara, Kagura-Hajime has been held since the Edo period. It will be open on 20 January 2015, opening time is 15:00.
Anyway you are not supposed to take a photograph, but if you visit in Akihabara on 20 January, why don't you go to watch Kagura?  Because you can enjoy Japanese subculture and Japanese traditional entertainments in a day! 

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We CYCLE 2 PROJECT will give you some useful and enjoyable information in 2015!! Especially about a rent-a-bike shop, Edo culture, and Tokyo's downtown "Shitamachi". 
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