Invitation to International Mikoshi Festival in Tokyo!

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This is the prompt report of JIYUGAOKA KUMANO SHRINE FESTIVAL.
It will be held in September 5 (Sat.) 2015 

A portable shrine "Mikoshi" is carried by Japanese people in a summer festival and a autumn festival. But Jiyugaoka Kumano Shrine has arranged Mikoshi carrying for foreign visitor in September 5! 
It is very rare in Japan as you know. They get it for international goodwill. Then the fee is free! Moreover they get a special cloth for Mikoshi carrying, and after the carrying Mikoshi, they'll get a BBQ party for a carrier!

Anyway the fixed number is 50, which is the first 50 people on the application.
If you have not Japanese nationality, and you speak Japanese or English or French or Chinese, and you are 14 years old and over...apply soon by fax!

If your application is over 50th, why don't you go this festival? Because Jiyugaoka is a nice small shopping town, and Kumano Shrine is a nice place. You maybe have a very good time!                                                                                                       (Sae)

★September 5 (Sat.) 15:00-20:30
Meeting place: The parking lot of Mizuho bank Jiyugaoka branch
(2min.walk from Tokyu-Toyoko line Jiyugaoka Sta.)
★Phone: Jiyugaoka Information Center 03-5731-7274 (10:30-18:30)
☆Send the application form by fax:3717-4549 (from Tokyo), 03-3717-4549

★In the detail & the application form in English:

☆A beautiful picture of this festival & the application form in French, Chinese, and Japanese:

★About Jiyugaoka town: