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If you've long wanted ultra cool print design cycling wear, you must come to "Pandani" in Harajuku, Tokyo!!


pand03.jpg Clothing is not just a material for me. I love to think what I put on every day, choosing a perfect match for my feeling on the day. I am what I put on. I mean what I put on is a matter of life or death!
Do you agree with me? And if you want a cool designed cycling wear and goods, "Pandani" is one of the best design companies of cycling apparel in Japan for you!

Look at "Pandani" cycling wear, which is ultra cool in print design with passionate super techniques! This is the ultimate SAMURAI cycling wear! Each designed wear has its own story and some joke, which a bike lover's will enjoy! Needless to say, it is functional for comfortable cycling. It is also reasonable to purchase. That is why "Pandani" staff member design, produce and manage products all by themselves. Moreover they do NOT mass-produce and are bike lovers!

Anyway, I wonder if "Pandani" wear are very useful on the trip. The good function for a cycling is good for a trip too. It means "Pandani" wear always make you feel comfortable! It is a real design, isn't it?

In fact Tamaki loves the backpack, and I love the light blue colored half pants! You are sure to find something cool for yourself, your family or your friends at "Pandani" in Harajuku. You will need time here, because of the many cool cycling wear and goods!! Also maybe you need time to hear the story something about wear that you will get to love.

★About the shop in Harajuku: pandani.jp/shop_info.html
★Web shop: http://pandani.shop-pro.jp/


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