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Q: Hello, I want to rent a bike for 4 days. In Asakusa Tokyo. Bike or electric. Where is the nearest location of your shop and what are the prices. Thank you
William (country=GB)

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A: Hello William,
Thank you very much for your e-mail!

There are many rent a bike shops in Tokyo, but they rare have rental service over full 1 day.
We have recommended the rent a bike shop in Asakusa, it is "Bike City Tripper & Cafe".
The price of full 4 days is 12400JPY including rental helmet. 
In detail in website of the shop. 

Anyway, have nice days in Tokyo!                                                                          (Sae)                                                                                                 
Well the nice bike maker in Asakusa whom we know is making arrangement for reasonable rental bike service for a sightseer. We are very happy to announce about it soon!  In detail in our website in near future!!!

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Hi, do you know where I can hire a bike with a child seat? My daughter is 5 years old and I'd like to hire a bike for a week.
Jo (country = AU)

Hello Jo,
thank you for e-mail!

We are very sorry that we have not had informations of a renting shop has the rent a bike with a child seat in Tokyo. Of course we are researching  about it, because we many times receive the questions about the renting bike with child seat from foreign countries nowadays.

Anyway renting bike shop persons we know say there is maybe not the shop in Tokyo. They say the season is Japanese child seat of bicycle is maybe not so safety for the road in Tokyo. We agree with them. Bicycles usually  run on the same road as cars.
They renting bike shop persons are maybe going to rent a bike with western style child seat in near future.
But need some time, because a western child seat is more expensive than a Japanese one.

And as for renting bike for a week, it has been rare in Tokyo yet.
A few of renting  bike shops help you, if you are OK you rent a bike without child seat.

Yes we really have been very sorry these renting bike situations (and more!) in Tokyo.
We are challenging to change more better the bicycle situations.
Please wait for good news from us!                                                                                            (Sae)                                                                                               

We have received an email in Japanese from Hong Kong. We will first introduce the email in English.
香港のWangさんから日本語でメールが届きました!まず先に英訳で紹介します。                          (Translation form Japanese to English by Maya)

Q: I am planning on traveling to Tokyo from Shanghai in mid June. I would like to rent a bicycle and go sightseeing in Tokyo. Therefore, I have a few questions to ask.

1. Are there a lot of places I could park my bicycle? Is it convenient to park bicycles   in the city? What kind of place can I park at?
2. Could I reserve a bicycle through an email?
3. Can I rent the bicycle for consecutive days?
4. Can I go to another area with the bicycle I rented in Shinjuku? Do I have to return it to the same shop? Or Can I return it at a different shop?
I look forward to hearing from you.                                                                            Wang (country=CN)

A:Dear Wang, 
   Thank you for your email in Japanese. Below is the answer to your questions.

Q1: Are there a lot of places I could park my bicycle? Is it convenient to park bicycles in the city? What kind of place can I park at?

A: There are bicycle parking at department stores and super markets. Some towns have bicycle parking at the station but usually there are already many bicycles there which have long term contract. Usually there are no bicycle parking at a stores and restaurants. Therefore, we recommend that you lock your bicycle and chain your bicycles to guardrail by the road. Even if you can park it outside the shop it is safer to have two locks as bicycles are often stolen in Tokyo.  
Illegal parking is a social issue and in that case the war office truck to temporary warehouse. In this case, you need to fill out the forms, which are left at where you parked your bicycle and go to the assigned place to get your bicycle back. The fine will be about 3,000 yen but it depends on the ward. I am disappointed about this system...

Q2: Could I reserve a bicycle through an email?

A: It depends on the shop. There is also a rent a bike shop on the internet so you can ask them directly. We introduce some stops on our other website that we manage. www.rentabike.jp

Q3: Can I rent the bicycle for consecutive days?

A: Some shops have discount price if you rent a bicycle for a week, two weeks, or a month. Please consult the shop as there may be some shops that may be accommodating for overseas visitors.

Q4: For example, can I go to another area with the bicycle I rented in Shinjiku? Do I have to return it to the same shop? Or Can I return it at a different stop?

A: You can go anywhere with the bicycle. For example, you can go to Yokohama with the bicycle you rented in Shinjyuku. However, you have to return the bicycle to the shop you rented the bicycle from.
There are some shops where you can return it at a different shop. In this case it has to be in the same area in usual. (For example only within the Aoyama area, Setagaya area or Sumidaku area.) We introduce them in our rent a bike website.
We only learnt about the Sumida-ku case recently, so we have not uploaded any information on it yet. We hope that the system where you can return the bicycle to a different shop in the same area increases. 

We, Cycle 2 Project will do our best by working together with the rent a bike shop in the Sumida-ku area so that we can spread this system. We hope that in the future, that we are able to return the bicycle to different shops not only in the same area but to different areas and stations. If this happens we believe that there will be less illegal parking, theft will decrease and we won't have to pick up our bicycle from the temporary warehouse when it is taken by the city ward for illegal parking. 

I hope the answers I provided helps. I wish that your trip to Tokyo will be an enjoyable one! Please email us if you have any other questions.                                                                                                            (Sae)

Q: 『僕は6月中に上海から東京へ旅行する予定で、その時に自転車をrentして東京観光したいと思います。従って、以下の質問をご確認致したいもの。

お手数をお掛けいたしますが、ご返信をお待ちしております。宜しくお願いします。            Wang 』(以上、原文のまま。以下の返信も原文です)

A: Wangさま 


A:department storeや、super marketには駐輪場所(駐輪場)があります。
もし、店の外に駐輪できても、同じように2つの key をした方が安全です。東京は自転車の盗難がとても多いからです。  
不法駐輪が迷惑で社会問題になっていますので、ward office の truck が一時保管所に運ぶことも多いです。
この場合は書類が置いてありますので、指定場所に引き取りに行きます。引き取り料金は、ward によりますが、about over ¥3,000です。このシステムには、本当にガッカリします。


internet の rent a bike shop もありますので、直接、相談してみてください。私たちが運営するもうひとつのwebで紹介しています。

A:1週間、2週間、1か月だと、discount price になる店もあります。


A:例えば新宿でrentした自転車で横浜へ行けます。どこまで行くのも自由です。でも、rentした店に返却します。別の店へ返却が可能な店もあります。この場合、同じ area です。(例えば青山の中だけ、例えば世田谷区の中だけ、例えば墨田区の中だけ)私たちのrent a bike のweb で紹介しています。墨田区の case は最近知りましたので、まだ upload していません。
同じエリアの他の店へ、返却が可能な system が増えるといいです。
私たちcycle2projectは、これから、墨田区の rent a bike shop の人たちと協力して、この system が広がるように頑張ります。そして、将来は、同じエリアだけでなく、違うエリアの店や、station などにも返却できるようになれば、いいと思います。迷惑な違法駐車も、一時保管所からの引き取りも、盗難も減ると考えますので。

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Q&A-7: Are there limits on heigh/weight for renting bike?

Q: Good afternoon,
I have questions regarding height/weight restrictions for bicycle rentals.  Are there limits on either for renting a bicycle?
Thank you,
Derek (country=CA)

A: Hello Derek, 
In fact no restrictions of height/weight for the rent a bike in Tokyo, but we hope the information the following help you.

1) There are 3 kinds of bike at the rent a bike shop in Tokyo. 
The kind/kinds of bike of the shop is/are different at each shop.
The most general bike is called "Mama-chari".  It is very casual, the handle position is higher than a sport type bike, and their top tube position is lower than a sport bike. We mean your riding attitude is not stooping. The women who put on skirt are riding it very easily.

And other kinds are a sport type bike (a mountain bike, a road bike, a cross bike), and an electric bike. About which type of each shop, ask at each shop please. And see another our web site of rent a bike shop guide in Tokyo.

2) If you are about under 100 kg weight, you rent Mama-chari, MTB, a cross bike, or an electric bike are no problem. But if you want to rent a road bike, need your weight is from about 60 kg to about 90 kg, because tire is thin as you know.

3) About height, if you are about 180 cm tall which is maybe no problem about rent a bike shop in Tokyo, but you are maybe not comfortable riding.

If you need more information or you have other questions, send us e-mail again please!                             (Sae)


A: 東京のレンタル自転車には身長/体重制限は特にありませんが、以下の情報が参考になればと思います。

1) 都内のレンタサイクルショップには3種類の自転車があります。




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Which rent agency has a bicycle with a child seat ? Which area of Tokyo would be interesting for a young child?

Q: Hello. I am Canadian. I really appreciate your website. MyJapanese language skills are not good although I have lived in Japan for 10 years. 
We are coming to Tokyo 3 consecutive holidays. I want to rent bicycles. Which rental agency has a bicycle with a child seat suitable for 3 years old child? 
Which area of Tokyo would be best/most interesting for a young child to see? (playgrounds/parks/toilets/snack shops/riverside).
Stacy (country=JP)

A: Hello, Stacy!
Thank you very much for your e-mail! If we can help something following our answers of your questions, we are happy.
About the rent a bike with a child seat, check our another website of the rent a bike shop in Tokyo.

Muji shop in Yuraku-cho in Ginza area maybe has it. And why don't you go to Hama-rikyu garden? It is wonderful place and you can take on the sea bus, which bound for Asakusa. 
But we really recommend without rent a bike because your child is only 3 years old. It means you need care of your child and rent a bike both in town, which is crowded. It maybe makes you very tired.

We have recommended visiting Hama-rikyu, sea bus crusing to Asakusa, and take a walk in Asakusa town. In Asakusa, espesially Kaminari mon gate, and Senso-ji temple, a small amusement park "Hana-yashiki", and others you like. 
About Hama-rikyu and sea bus, see the page of this website following please!
About in Asakusa including "Hana-yashiki":
Anyway have a nice holiday in Tokyo!                                                              (Sae) 


A: うれしいメールどうもありがとう! 私たちが助けになればうれしいです。チャイルド・シートつきレンタサイクルについては、私たちのもう一つのサイトで調べてください。もしかしたら、有楽町の無印良品でレンタルできるかもしれません。そして、近くの浜離宮庭園へ行ってみたらいかがでしょう? すてきな場所だし、浅草行きのシーバスに乗れますよ。



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