MOMOTARO/Japanese-style confectionery

Momotaro is a small shop with long history, established 1871. 
Shopkeeper is friendly, he makes Momotaro's confectionery at the inner part of the shop everyday. Tamaki and I have had a kind of dumpling "Yaki-Dango" here today. We've been very happy, because it's delicious, and different from others.

Dango is one of Japanese traditional snacks. Japanese people has loved dumplings on a stick "kushi-dango" since the Edo period. "Yaki-Dango" is grilled "kushi-dango". Anyway it usually made of rice and rice's powder in sauce which made of say-sauce with sugar. 
But Momotaro's is made of rice with soy-sause. Tamaki and I have never had such delicious and unique shape "Yaki-Dango like this! Moreover the price is only 120JPY!!!
I wonder Momotaro's "Yaki-Dango" goes well with Sake! And also I've recommended it for your light meal or snack when you are visiting in Asakusa.  At last we've bought more "Yaki-Dango" and sweetened bean paste "an" topping "An-Dango" for our each family. 

Momotaro's "An-Dango" tastes moderate sweeter than  other's shop's one. And "an" topping shape is different from others. 3 "an" plates are put on each one dango.
How beauty! I've never seen "kushi-dango" with "an" plates like this! Tamaki too. The price is 120JPY.

You should try Momotaro's Yaki-Dango!!! Also "An-Dango". Must go! 
...Oops!  This store closes if sold out. But don't worry about it, reservation available. And they're kind enough to accept reservation from only one confectionary!                                                                         (by Sae)

Twitter: @AsakusaMomotaro

★Location:2-13-10-1F, Flats Fujita bldg. Nishi-asakusa, Taito-ku,Tokyo (3min walk from Tsukuba Express Asakusa Sta.Exit-A1, On Kokusai St)
★Open:9:30-about 18:00 (Closed on Wed. but irregularly)



2014 TORI NO ICHI/酉の市

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14otori01.jpg Tori no Ichi Fair (open-air market) is a famous annual event in November on the day of the Tori (Rooster) in Chinese calendar and this event has continued to today since the Edo period.
Tori no Ichi is held at Temple of Tori (Juzaisan Chokoku-ji) in Asakusa, Tokyo or various shrines of Washi (Eagle) and many people come to there to pray for a health, good fortune and good business.

In the Edo period, Tori no Ichi was the fist fair for welcoming New Year. A poet, KIKAKU who was a pupil of the most famous Japanese poet Mastuo Basho, said for Tori no Ichi "Haruwomatsu Kotonohajimeya Tori no Ichi" (Tori no Ichi is a first important event to bring New Year.).

22th SUN/NOVEMBER 0:00〜24:00
3-18-7 Senzoku Taito-ku Tokyo (On Kokusai Street)  >map

14otori00.jpg 14otori02.jpg 14otori03.jpg
"EL PAIS" is the most famous newspaper in Spain as you know. 
We, CYCLE2PROJECT has mentioned in the boxed article which is a favorable review.

The journalist and photographer Daniel Garcia has taken a trip from Tokyo to Osaka by bike. His report about the long distance riding and the photo gallery have featured in "EL PAIS".
Also he's written the boxed article titled "The basic recommendation to take a trip by bike in Japan".

Now I try to make the summary of the boxed article through the automatic translation by my pc, because I don't speak/read Spanish language. Now shall I get started?

EL PAIS2.jpg

"The basic recommendation to take a trip by bike in Japan" 
1) The connection to stay
You'd better to get e-connect (about 23euro) before leave a country. It is the best for you find your way when   you lost your way. And need get SIM-card at the airport or internet.

2) Get the route ready well
To make the route of your trip, see the map and  the website. 
CYCLE2PROJECT is good one for you get information of bike world in Japan, and get the answer of your question.
Two nice website:Kancycling, Japancycling

3) The transport and maintenance 
The air transportation fare is maybe very expensive, you'd better to make sure of it to the airline before buy the ticket. You find the rent-a-bike is almost impossible if you want to ride for long distance about 500~600 km.
You buy the bike to ride, and after it you sale it in Japan.
The bike shop "GIANT Taiwan" is in major cities of Japan, which accepts bike maintenance.
And some shops are running to rent the bike as Imabari.

4)Try "Mamachari" in not so long distance riding
"Mamachari"model bike become popular in Japan. 
But "Mamachari" doesn't fit on you, and if you stay in Tokyo, you can rent Mr.Miura's own model bike at the shops in Asakusa area.

If you find my translating mistake, please tell me as soon as possible!
But if you don't read Spanish language like me, enjoy Danie's nice pictures at his photo gallery!
I've been very interested in his pictures.
I think his pictures caught a part of real Japan, but the atmosphere with the picture is different from the picture by Japanese photographer. I wonder why different?
I mean the air is a little drier than Japanese photographer's picture, I've got love the pictures don't have humid! 

Anyway as for the long distance trip by bike has been not easy in Japan yet. But we a bike lover has tried to change better this situation in Japan. You'd better go cycling not so long distance first! Come to Tokyo to confirm the charm of down town "Shita-machi", and the Edo period culture!                           By Sae


p_title.gif p_pthoto01.jpg

How do you rent a bike at "Pillar Café"? It is rent-free, and what is still better this restaurant is in Shibuya. I had some questions, and I've come here with Tamaki.

"Pillar Café" surprised us many times in fact! At first, it is in a quiet area of Shibuya. And "Pillar Café" is a very nice casual restaurant with comfortable sofas, where various dishes and drinks are reasonable!

p_pthoto02.jpg The rent-free bike of "Pillar Café" is ...... if you want to rent a bike for 5hrs, you order a dish and a drink that amounts to more than 2000JPY. This can only be found here! For more than 5hrs, the total needs to be over 3000JPY. Of course it refers to the total before and after renting a bike per person. Deposit is 2000JPY.
The types of rent-free bikes are Osso, Chill bikes, and Favor bikes.
Usage of shower with shampoo & body soap, and hair dryer are free of service! (Rent a bath towel & beach sandals: 800JPY)

No matter if you are alone, or are with your friend and family, you will have good time here! Because there is a nice counter on the first floor and very comfortable sofas on the stairwell the first basement. If you want to have a party after cycling, reservation of a private room is available.
And if the weather is fine, you can sit on seats at the front of "Pillar Café" like us. Now I am enjoying iced espresso coffee drink "Chocolate mint mocha" tastes very good and not too sweet. Tamaki enjoyed her 2nd drink.

Anyway, why is "Pillar Café" very nice and comfortable?
I've got the answer from the shop Manager Ikkei Eguchi. He really loves bicycles, and he'd love to link each customer by "Pillar Café" like the pillar of bicycle. Ikkei creates almost all of "Pillar Café" which includes the interior, various dishes & drinks, and the happy events here.

Well, at last I got to know what the rent-free bike at "Pillar Cafe" is like. And I've got to love "Pillar Cafe"! Why don't you rent a bike and have good time at "Pillar Café"? Friendly Ikkei is waiting for you!!  
(Ikkei is in the BBQ picture at the upper right. He has sliced meat!)



Location: 2-22-3 Higashi, East Plus Bldg.1F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
(12min walk from Shibuya Hikarie)
Phone: 03-6450-5406
Open: 12:00-24:00 (Sat.11:00-24:00, Sun. & National holiday 11:00-22:00) /For irregular holidays & reserved days, see Facebook or call the shop)

★Available for guests taller than 150cm, 160cm, or 170cm for each bikes
★Rental agreement
1. Need ID
2. Never ride a bicycle under the influence of alcohol
3. Fill in the application form
4. Sign a written pledge for renting
5. Take instructions for ride, and other precautions
6. Order food & drink at "Pillar Café" which will correspond to your free rent a bike hours.
★Reservation available: call the shop manager during store hours


→ 詳しくは『ピラーカフェ』公式サイトへ!

p_takehora.jpg ★Mr. Takehora runs a bike maintenance service at the bike shop "Go Go Wheelers" on Sat.
Need reservation for Pillar Cafe.


mid_title.png Kawagoe town is called "Ko-Edo" which means little Edo. This is because it was a very important area in the Edo period, especially for politics and the military. You can feel the atmosphere of the Edo period even now. There are many sightseeing places in Kawagoe, we have introduced a few of them to you!!

電車各線乗り入れで、より身近になった『小江戸川越』。池袋から東武東上線快速で26分、有楽町から東京メトロ副都心線で55 分という近さ!浅草エリアからちょっと足をのばして、川越で下町散歩と江戸気分を満喫してきました。

Kura is a Japanese storehouse, which has been fire-resistance building. People keep household tools there. Many Kura in this area are used as various shops, for example Sake, Japanese ceramics, Japanese traditional sweets, frame shop, and more. You can enjoy shopping while you are feeling the atmosphere of the town 100 years ago!
We can have a very good time, because of the old and beautiful Kura houses! We are almost like time travelers!

The original tower was built in the early Edo period. The bell has rung to announce the time for about 390 years! Now it is fourth bell, which was built immediately after the Great Fire Kawagoe in 1893. We have passed under it, and found a nice small Shinto shrine. We have loved this area around the tower. We are sorry that we couldn't hear the bell is ringing. However, the bell rings four times a day now, at 6:00, 12:00, 15:00, and at 18:00.

04.png 03.jpg
Japanese cheap candy shop "Dagashi-Ya" is loved by children. Of course we often went to the shop in our town when we were children. In this lane "Kashiya-Yokocho", there were about 70 cheap candy shops in the early Showa period around 1950. Now about 20 shops are there, but you can feel the atmosphere of Japanese downtown "Shita-mach" of the Showa period. Enjoy various kinds' cheap candy and toys for Japanese children!

Kawagoe Castle was built in the Muromachi period in 1457, and Honmaru-Goten was built in the Edo period 1848. Now you can visit the entrance, hall, and many small rooms, which were moved here and re-built. We are interesting in the various kinds of small rooms. Anyway while we are walking in Honmaru-Goten, we feel as if visiting in the Edo period. Or we are in the Samurai movie!
catsle.png 04.jpg
06.png 05.jpg

There are many sightseeing places and beautiful natures in Saitama Pref.
For example, do you know "Bonsai" village in Saitama City? Yes, "Bonsai" is the miniature potted-tree, which is one of Japanese traditional crafts. "Bonsai" village is the most famous place of "Bonsai"-world worldwide.
If you would like to enjoy Saitama more, why don't you use rent a bike as many roads for bicycles have been constructed in Saitama Pref ?
Rent a bike shop in Saitama "B-Ike" is very useful for you, because of the transportation service by shuttle in Saitama Pref. And making the best day tour plan for you! "B-Ike" has known about the roads for bicycles in Saitama very well.
Moreover you can take a shower at B-Ike after cycling!

B-Ike Service and Fee /Available for guests taller than 147cm or 58"
★ Electric assisted bicycle rental, all day
★ Free transportation by shuttle in Saitama Pref
★ May ask to incur expenses for highway toll, car parking, and gas charge to drive outside of Saitama Pref.
★ Voluntary guide service in English language available
★ Usage of B-Ike's guest lounge, locker, shower, and wireless LAN
★ Accidental insurance (covering guest only)
★ Fee: 5500JPY per guest with tax and above services/Need reservation
★ See model courses & more information:

Location: 2-1768-3 Yamazaki Bldg.1F, Nisshin,
Kita-ku, Saitama (4 min.walk from JR Saikyo-line Nisshin Sta.)
Access: 36min. by train bound for Kawagoe
from JR Saikyo line Shinjuku Sta
Open: 8:00-19:00/without holiday (About irregular holiday see website)


室町時代の長禄元年(1457)築城された川越城に、本丸御殿が作られたのは江戸時代の嘉永元年(1848)。現在はその一部が移築復元されて中に入ることができます。控えの間の狭さや数、形など、実に興味深く見学しました。 直線距離にして1 kmくらいのところには平安時代創建といわれる「喜多院」があります。ここは徳川家ゆかりの寺として有名で、家光公誕生の間や三大東照宮の一つ、仙波東照宮など、文化財がいっぱい。川越が「小江戸」と呼ばれるのも納得です。

下町情緒と江戸カルチャー、大正ロマンつきの川越。自転車道を走って20 数km先には「いちごの里よしみ」があり、1月〜5月中旬頃までイチゴ狩りが楽しめます!


★ 貸出し自転車の規格上、利用者身長147cm以上が基準
★ 車での送迎は基本無料、ただし高速走行料金、駐車料金、埼玉県外走行分のガソリン代はお客様が実費負担
★ オプショナルサービス、大宮盆栽村などのおすすめコース等、詳しくは:

★ お問合せ・予約申込み
★ 所在地 〒331-0823 埼玉県さいたま市北区日進2-1768-3 山崎ビル1F