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This is the prompt report of JIYUGAOKA KUMANO SHRINE FESTIVAL.
It will be held in September 5 (Sat.) 2015 

A portable shrine "Mikoshi" is carried by Japanese people in a summer festival and a autumn festival. But Jiyugaoka Kumano Shrine has arranged Mikoshi carrying for foreign visitor in September 5! 
It is very rare in Japan as you know. They get it for international goodwill. Then the fee is free! Moreover they get a special cloth for Mikoshi carrying, and after the carrying Mikoshi, they'll get a BBQ party for a carrier!

Anyway the fixed number is 50, which is the first 50 people on the application.
If you have not Japanese nationality, and you speak Japanese or English or French or Chinese, and you are 14 years old and over...apply soon by fax!

If your application is over 50th, why don't you go this festival? Because Jiyugaoka is a nice small shopping town, and Kumano Shrine is a nice place. You maybe have a very good time!                                                                                                       (Sae)

★September 5 (Sat.) 15:00-20:30
Meeting place: The parking lot of Mizuho bank Jiyugaoka branch
(2min.walk from Tokyu-Toyoko line Jiyugaoka Sta.)
★Phone: Jiyugaoka Information Center 03-5731-7274 (10:30-18:30)
☆Send the application form by fax:3717-4549 (from Tokyo), 03-3717-4549

★In the detail & the application form in English:

☆A beautiful picture of this festival & the application form in French, Chinese, and Japanese:

★About Jiyugaoka town:

スキャン 1.jpeg

"Tokyo Tower the Milky Way Illumination 2015" has already begun on 1st day in June! It is until 31st day in Aug. Also an out door bar has opened at the front of Tokyo Tower. You can enjoy the bar to 29th day in Sep.
If you are Japanese Manga "One piece" lover, an in door amusement park "TOKYO ONE PIEACE TOWER" has opened at the building named "FOOT TOWN" under the tower too.

Anyway have you visited at Tokyo Tower already?
There is a two-story observatory, and the nice coffee shop at the first floor. I'd love to visit at the coffee shop and watching the sky's color is changing from evening glow to deep blue. And I enjoy the night view at last. It's a very easy and comfortable time for me.

Of course I always take an elevator up to the first floor of the observatory. The ticket is 900JPY. But if you go up the stairs, you pay 500JPY only. How feel go up the stairs with a beautiful illumination? 
After enjoy night view, why don't you spend time at the out door bar? Yes you sometimes look up at Tokyo Tower's illumination!                                     (Sae)


Tokyo Tower's illumination:June1(Mon.) -August 31(Mon.) 17:00-23:00
You can go up the stairs of Tokyo Tower: June1-August 31
weekday 17:00-22:00/Sat.,Sun.&National holiday 11:00-22:00
Admission fee to 1st floor of observatory by elevator:
Adult 900JPY/Elementary school & Junior high school student 500JPY/Children 4 and over 400JPY/Admission is free for children 3 and under
Admission fee to 1st floor of observatory by stairs:
Adult 500JPY/Elementary school & Junior high school student 300JPY/Children 4 and over 200JPY

Bar "Tokyo Tower Highball Garden":until September 27(Sun.)
weekday 16:00-22:30/Sat.,Sun.&National holiday 13:00-22:30
For information & reservation:080-9271-5533 (16:00-21:30)


The area between Azumabashi Bridge and Sakurabashi Bridge on the Sumida River has been a famous cherry blossom viewing spot since the Edo period.

The cherry trees on the banks of the Sumida River trace their origin to saplings planted by the order of Tokugawa Yoshimune, the eighth shogun, in 1717.

Approximately 1,000 cherry trees grow in Sumida Park. 

Visitors can enjoy viewing the lines of blooming trees on both sides of the Sumida River from a yakata-bune (Japanese old-fashioned houseboat). 

▼Sumida Cherry Blossom Festival

28 May 2015〜 5 April 2015

1, 2, and 5 Mukojima, 7-11-1 and 2-1 Hanakawa-do Asakusa Sumida-ku



"Kagura" is the sacred dances and music performed at shrines.
And "Kagura-Hajime" is new year's first Kagura.
At Kanda-myoujin Shinto shrine in Akihabara, Kagura-Hajime has been held since the Edo period. It will be open on 20 January 2015, opening time is 15:00.
Anyway you are not supposed to take a photograph, but if you visit in Akihabara on 20 January, why don't you go to watch Kagura?  Because you can enjoy Japanese subculture and Japanese traditional entertainments in a day! 

Well, Let me say thank you for you've accesses to our and!
We CYCLE 2 PROJECT will give you some useful and enjoyable information in 2015!! Especially about a rent-a-bike shop, Edo culture, and Tokyo's downtown "Shitamachi". 
Please contact us!!                                                                                       (Sae)

★PHONE: 03-3254-0753
★LOCATION: 2-16-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (7min walk from Tokyo Metro Akihabara Sta. and JR line Akihabara Sta. Exit Denki-gai-guchi.)

There are some great Edo Shogun/ Daimyo Gardens in Tokyo. We've recommended Hama-rikyu Garden, which was place Shogun hunt with a falcon in the Edo period. This garden is very beautiful and you can feel Edo however you stay in Ginza area.
If you've not visit there yet, you'd better go to Hama-rikyu Garden on 2nd day (Fri.) or 3rd day (Sat.) in January 2015. Because Japanese New year's event will be held. 
A part of Japanese traditional falconry "Hohyo-jutsu" performs, which is the art of letting a hawk loose. And Japanese art "Aiki-do" performs too. "Aiki-do" is the art of self-defense that takes advantage of the opponent's own movements. 
And you can join in Japanese New Year's traditional games. 
On 3rd day in January, guided garden tour by English language is available, it's free! Besides you can enjoy Japanese powdered green tea & Edo food!!                                                                  (by Sae)


★OPEN  11:00/14:00
(The running time for them is about one hour)
★PLACE  Uchibori-Hiroba
Free of charge (Need entrance fee of the garden)
☆Not need reservation 
☆It will be canceled if it'll be rain.

OPEN  10:00-15:30   ★PLACE  Yagaitaku-Hiroba
★Games:Japanese battledore and shuttlecock/Japanese top, etc. ★Garden staff explains how to play
☆Free of charge (Need entrance fee of the garden)
☆Not need reservation 
☆It will be canceled if it'll be stormy weather.

★OPEN  10:00-16:00   ★PLACE  Uchibori-Hiroba
★A hot dishes & beverage sale for cash 
Special dish is "Shogun's Zoni" which made by the recipe in the Edo period.
   "Zoni" is the Japanese miso or sumashi (clear) soup with rice cakes, vegetables, and other ingredients (mainly served at the New Year dinner).
☆Need entrance fee of the garden
☆It will be canceled if it'll be rain or stormy weather.

★PLACE1  Nakashima-no-Ochaya  ★OPEN  9:00-16:45  ★PRICE  Tea:510JPY/Tea with Japanese style confectionary:720JPY
★PLACE2  Matsu-no-Ochaya  ★OPEN  10:00-16:00 (12times a day, every 30 minutes/the number limit of each time:15)
★PRICE  820JPY (Tea with Japanese style confectionary, and the garden staff explains about the building)
☆Need entrance fee of the garden

by English language : The meeting place & time  @ the front of Service Center, 10:00 on January 3
★by Japanese Language : The meeting place & time @ the front of Service Center, 10:00, 13:00 on January 2 & 3
☆The running time for it is about 1 hour. 
Free of charge (Need entrance fee of the garden)
☆Not need reservation 
☆It will be canceled if it'll be rain.

Hama-rikyu Garden
・Open:9:00-17:00 (Enter until 16:30)/Closed:December29-January1
・Location: 1-1 Hama-rikyu Teien, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (7min.walk from Toei-Oedo Line Shiodome Sta. Tsukijishijo Sta. or Yurikamome Shiodome St/12min walk from JR, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Toei-Asakusa Line Shinbashi Sta.)
・Entrance fee: 300JPY (65 and over: 150JPY)
・In the detail:


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